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Our Story

Welcome to Britt & Jules,

Well, our story is actually really about not having one at all. We could mention what an enormous inspiration our two daughters Brittani & Julia were to the start of this company. However, we feel naming the company after them speaks for itself. We don't have some fancy blog page with free designer tips or recipes, maybe someday. You see, we like to focus on what really matters to us and our customers and that's about bringing the absolute lowest prices and the most amazing customer service you could experience anywhere, period. There was no epiphany here, this was always our belief.

We have such a unique way of achieving such low prices on some of the greatest brand merchandise in the world. We work diligently gathering up prices from all of the top online retailers. The way it works is our proprietary software searches the Internet for the hottest sales and largest discounts. When our programs find these amazing opportunities we buy these products immediately at significantly reduced prices which then allows us to bring some of the most absurdly discounted prices you will ever see. This is very similar to if you ever tried to buy tickets online to a music concert or major venue only to discover all those nasty bots(computers) bought up all the best seats in the house only to leave cold and dry.

That's why it's really important to check in as often as you can and check out our featured sale list on our front page. Its here you will find these deeply discounted sales on many popular brand name products all for your taking. And keep an eye on our email offerings where you will receive extra promotions and coupons to really steal our products away. 

Our story is your story. 


Jerry J. Arrigale

Britt & Jules, LLC

Founder & CEO