Smokers' Oasis 4.5-gallon Steel Receptacle – Britt and Jules

Smokers' Oasis 4.5-gallon Steel Receptacle

Product Description
Conceal unsightly cigarette butts with this Smoker's Oasis steel receptacle. Prevent accidental fires with this self-extinguishing trash can. Large enough to hold thousands of butts, this receptacle features a wide base to prevent tipping and a removable galvanized steel pail for easy disposal of trash. The triple-entry opening allows use by multiple smokers simultaneously.

Keep your outdoor area looking smart with this fire-resistant steel disposal can. Easily cleaned, this steel receptacle features a hammered powder-coated finish. which is UV and weather resistant to prevent heat and rain damage. A vinyl base pad ensures stone, tile or decked floors are protected from scuffing and heat.

  • Fire-safe steel construction for safety
  • Self-extinguishing design requires no sand
  • 4.5-gallon galvanized pail holds thousands of butts and is removable for easy disposal of butts
  • Hammer powder-coated finish provides weather and UV resistance for year-round use
  • Triple-entry opening allows for multiple users while covered top keeps out rain
  • Tip-resistant, extra-wide base secure the receptacle in place
  • Can be secured with cable (not included)
  • Floors are protected by vinyl base pad
  • Measures 39 inches high x 16 inches deep iameter
  • Weighs 23 pounds
  • Charcoal color

$ 153.54 $ 155.75
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