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Outdoor Patio 19-inch Chair Cushion

Product Description
Experience exquisite comfort while lounging on your terrace with this contemporary-style chair cushion. This cushion ideally pairs with wicker chairs, and its zipper close renders inclement weather a non-issue by keeping the polyester fill safe inside.
  • Available in orange, brown, blue, black, red orange, green, beige, ivory, mustard, sky blue, red, purple, turquoise, steel blue, and hunter green
  • High-grade polyester is perfect for use with wicker chairs
  • Zipper close keeps the plush foam fill safe from the elements
  • 3.5'-thick cushion provides all day comfort for your guests
  • Two-pound weight makes it easy to carry the cushion inside when not in use
  • Dimensions measure 3.5 inches high x 19.7 inches wide x 19.5 inches long

$ 39.23 $ 40.42
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