Giraffe Rope Dog Toy – Britt and Jules

Giraffe Rope Dog Toy

Product Description
Tussle and roll around on the floor with your pup as the two of you wrestle for this giraffe rope dog toy. Featuring a jute, cotton, and nylon construction, this toy withstands hours of rough play, and it's available in several colors based on your preference. This toy's long neck and four long legs with a giraffe face let your dog get a good grasp on it.
  • Brand: Pet Life
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  • Model: DT2
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  • Colors: Brown, light pink
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  • Materials: Jute, cotton, nylon
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  • Dimensions: 12 inches long x 5 inches wide x 8 inches deep
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  • Care instructions: Hand wash
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  • Imported
$ 10.39
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